Welcome To Institute

Details : 

We are fastest growing group of educational institute in Bhavnagar district ,The latest Infrastructure of the VDVS campus is noteworthy .We have a well developed and well planned way of communication with the students and parents .We provide useful life giving co-curricular activities for the overall development of a child. The group of the best faculties have systemicstudy plans for result oriented education .

Vision :

Education works as a pulley for the social ,economical and spiritual upliftment .It is the bridge between the ancient culture and modern development True education results in physical ,mental and spiritual perfection .It is an investment of human capital. Hence to Educate and to be educated is devine.

Mission :

A merely well informed man is the most useless bore ,on the God’s earth We Fell joy not only to provide information but also Knowledge and wisdom to a child .We are dedicated to find out the best that prevails in the body and soul of a child Vidyadhish Vidyasankul as an educational institute tends to create Renaissance through enlightenment .Education is chemical of life It is a means of physical and mental prosperity .It aims to make a student know the practical Mathematics of the world .With all this we promise to provide a better future for our students and contribute our best for the Society .

Sections :

  • STD 1 to 7 (Guj.Med & Eng Med.)
  • STD 8 to 10 (Guj.Med & Eng Med.)
  • STD 11th & 12th SCIENCE (Guj.Med & Eng Med.)
  • STD 11th & 12th COMMERCE (Guj.Med & Eng Med.)
  • STD 11th & 12th ARTS (Guj.Med Only

Infrastructure & Facilities :